Webinars Are So Hot Right Now

Webinars are hot right now. If you want to learn some effective presentation techniques, watch this video. Go BEYOND the boring, hum-drum slideshow approach.

These 5 tips will make all the difference in your Webinar Presentation. If you want to make your webinars interesting and passionate, well you must present them in an interesting and passionate way.

These 5 webinar tips will help you do just that. Its like being a performer in a way ;). I’m a well gigged musician so I know a bit about that and what she’s saying here is totally to the point. Even the Beatles were told to ‘Mach Shau’. Which roughly translates into ‘make a show’. That’s how you can present awesome webinars. But you don’t need to be a Beatle to do that. Just make it interesting and passionate.

Webinar Tips Breakdown List

In this video she covers (with added notes):

How to make your webinar slides appeal to your attendees not bore them.

You can do this by using photographs, highlighted photos with little explanations and comments about them, maybe crack a little joke here to lighten the whole mood.

Use Diagrams with comment breakdowns

Talk about the visuals, don’t just show them

Add interesting facts about Powerpoint slides, bring them to life

Keep your voice energetic and ‘rolling’, don’t speak in a low monotonous tone that will put your attendees to asleep

Add an element of surprise

Keep changing slides regularly, make it like a little ‘movie

Plan and organize what you are going to talk about

Rehearse your webinar until you can present it fast and clean

Know your best times to do your webinar. She recommends Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, around 1 p.m Pacific time

Email your list a few times to notify your list – up to 5 times. Including an hour before the webinar starts

Use audience interaction and participation

Keep it lighthearted and fun

Try to have someone help you with presenting the webinar, leaving you to concentrate on your presentation itself

tip: Giveaway stuff at the webinar. Perhaps an eBook or some webinar image slides. Something that will help your attendees to take the info on board

Follow up after the event with eMails and messages. Keep in touch with your list. Record your event and give them access to a replay

Webinar Tips Roundup

So all-in-all the main point here is to keep your webinar interesting and avoid audience boredom. Don’t make it like a boring school-lesson from a boring teacher. Keep it lively.

Think of your ‘Webinar Self’ as a PERFORMER!

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  1. This video includes some great tips for presenting a Webinar. You need to become a ‘Webinar Performer’ ;). Keep it cool and interesting basically. yup, these tips will certainly inspire you to do that.

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