Animal Silhouette – Illustrator Tutorial Video

This is a great tutorial video on Adobe Illustrator. Its done live right in front of you and tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Crap Illustrator¬† ‘So Called Tutorials’

Have you ever seen those awful, so-called ‘Adobe Illustrator tutorials’ on Youtube that have no talking on them, just music? They are just hopeless. Only to be used as a last resort, but generally terrible.

Well this video tutorial is not like that. The demonstrator shows and tells you exactly what he’s doing, step by step. Now that’s a REAL tutorial.

He shows you exactly how he made this cool image and, more importantly, tells you how you can create it too. No annoying music to cover up a crap ‘tutorial’, just a first class video that you can learn from and replicate the effect – cool.

Cool Comments

This comment below sums up my feelings on the ‘crap-style’ Youtube Illustrator ‘so-called-tutorials’¬† exactly.

Hamouda IA 3 months ago
Damn i love this guy! He just explains every click he clicks unlike other tutorials on youtube! i hope he keeps doing that..

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This guy deserves your support for creating some awesome tutorials.

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